Vi är oerhört glada och stolta att kunna berätta att Dorotea Bromberg är årets mottagare av London Book Fair Lifetime Achievement Award 2019. 

Priset delas ut för sextonde året i rad och för första gången tillfaller det en svensk bokförläggare. Utmärkelsen delas ut av The London Book Fair Advisory Board, som består av medlemmar med stor erfarenhet från den internationella bokmarknaden.


Priskommitténs ordförande Jacks Thomas:

”We are thrilled to be honouring Dorotea Bromberg at The London Book Fair.                                                                                                            She is a worthy winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award as she has contributed                                                                                                     so much to literature  and cultural life in Europe for over forty years.”

Prisceremonin äger rum på The International Excellence Awards,

The Conference Centre, Olympia i London tisdagen den 12 mars kl. 18.30 (endast för inbjudna).

Brombergs Bokförlag bildades 1975 av Adam Bromberg och Dorotea Bromberg. Familjen kom till Sverige 1970 som polsk-judiska immigranter på flykt undan antisemitisk förföljelse i Polen. Med familjens blygsamma tillgångar som enda säkerhet fick Adam Bromberg tillsammans med dottern Dorotea ett banklån som räckte till att producera en bok. Drömmen om ett eget bokförlag blev verklighet när denna första bok utkom 1976.

År 1978 tilldelades förlagets författare Isaac Bashevis Singer Nobelpriset. Detta lade grunden för fortsatta framgångar med stora och viktiga författarskap, såväl internationella som svenska.

Ytterligare tre Nobelpristagare har givits ut på Brombergs genom åren: Czeslaw Milosz (1980), Octavio Paz (1990) och J M Coetzee (2003).


Röster om Dorotea Bromberg:


Arundhati Roy, författare:

“Being published by Dorotea Bromberg is like putting your work into the care of a fierce, protective whirlwind. She is a unique, thrilling publisher. Sheer class. No writer could ask for more.”


Ian McEwan, författare:

“When the anti-semitism of communist Poland drove Adam Bromberg and his family into exile, no one could have guessed at the cultural enrichment of Sweden that would result. And Mr. Bromberg himself could not have imagined what his daughter would achieve with the publishing house he founded in his adopted land. Dorotea, a true bibliophile, is one of those rare publishers whose personality and authority infuses the house that she runs. When you step through the magnificent front door of Brombergs at 26 Hantverkargatan, it’s as if, magically, you have stepped into Dorotea’s mind. It’s spacious, welcoming, polymathic, relentlessly hardworking. When I say the building and its design and atmosphere are beautiful, and that the people who work there seem calm, focussed and gifted, then perhaps I have said all that is necessary about the spirit of Dorotea Bromberg. But there is always more. If Dorotea were a weather system, she would be a whirlwind. I doubt that she ever stops thinking about books, ideas and her writers. Sometimes, I wonder if she ever sleeps. The London Book Fair have made a brilliant choice. How honoured, delighted and proud Adam Bromberg would have been to see his lavishly gifted daughter recognised at this international gathering.”


Richard Ford, författare:

“Dorotea Bromberg has for decades bet her whole life on literature – reliant on her heart, her pocketbook (yes, that too) and her teeming brain for books. She is the model of what we mean when we reverently refer to a publisher of the old school. There aren’t many pupils left in that school, alas. But she is unquestionably a bright star. My congratulations to The London Book Fair for honoring Dorotea, who is so richly deserving of all our esteem, acclamation and love.”


Masha Gessen, författare:

“In my book, no one could be more deserving of this award than Dorotea. She lives her books and her authors. Brombergs is a family business, and anyone who is lucky enough to be published by Brombergs, as I have been, is adopted into the family. Dorotea has given me love, encouragement, ideas, and the occasional gentle push – and writing is invariably more fulfilling when I am writing for Dorotea.”